The Association of Runners of Fthiotida “Trachina”, organizes every year, two important mountain running races, with multiple benefits for its members and the local community.

On the first Sunday of May, the historic mountain running race, called “Anopaia Atrapos”, is organized in Thermopylae and on the slopes of Mount Kallidromos, a distance of 15.2 km, which is probably for the most part, part of of the historical route from the Nightmare Trail.

Also on Tuesdays every September and in the martyr Ypati, the Mountain Heron Marathon “Hercules” 43km (Hercules Marathon) is organized, together with the two smaller races, the “Ellevoros” 16.2km and the “Farmakides” 6.4 km
In the context of these games and for the promotion of sports at younger ages, is organized on the eve of the above games, in Loutra Ypatis, a game with the participation of young children called “Lagopodaros”, which hosts every year over a hundred children athletes.

All three races extend on the beautiful slopes and peaks of Oiti, giving the opportunity to athletes from all over Greece and abroad, to admire the rare biodiversity offered by the mountain of Hercules.