Short bio, few words that define you as an athlete and as a person:

I started with sports at a very young age and it seems that I always had a deeper connection with any kind of outdoor and adventurous activity, and on top of that, a special connection to nature. I have played basketball, volleyball, did mountain bike, sea canoe cayak, wind surfing and sailing, trail running of course, but my biggest passion is ski mountaineering. If you ask my friends or my wife, she will tell you that I am passionate with whatever I do, determined, most of the times a perfectionist and very competitive. From the other side though, I always prefer above all the company of my pals. I love moving on the thin line of my limits and sometimes exceeding it. The effort, the way and the struggle to achieve the better version of me, fascinate me a lot.

When did you first start your discipline?

My trail running history began at the age of 30. I always show trail running as an instrument to keep my physical status at the highest possible level and be competitive in the mountaineering ski.
Very soon I fell in love with its simplicity and its deeper connection to nature. Mountaineering ski is my main sport. I breathe and live for it. Though you can easily understand that living permanently in Greece and especially in a big city, you are forced to search for hard outdoor activities that will keep you in great shape during the months that skiing is impossible here. I first came in touch with mountaineering ski at the age of 26.

What do you most enjoy about your sport?

Whether we are referring to mountaineering ski or to trail running, it’s the connection to nature, as I have already mentioned, the fresh air, the magical views around you. Moreover it’s the feeling of freedom, far away from the daily trouble and obligations. In a competition level, I love giving each and every time all I have. To discover in each race that my limits, maybe (?) are a little further or higher than what I thought. If you push really hard, if you are determined and focused, if you give it your all, I get that unique sense of satisfaction and calmness.

What are your hobbies, profession outside of your sport?

Truth is that my sport is my hobby and probably not my favorite one, since I also love reading philosophical books. I have studied Mechanical Engineering and I continued my studies as a Project Manager, I own a Construction Company and my day is usually really busy. Having the chance to go out there for a few hours every week and train, is the best feeling in the world for me. It helps me keep my sanity and be even more productive and energetic the next day at work.

Who or what inspires you?

My family and my friends. My job. The nature. It’s a wonderful feeling.
My friends & family are everything to me and sometimes I really feel like I spend so little time with them. My work has so much to do with creation – new ideas – new projects. I love my work and it really helps me stay motivated and inspired. The mountains are my life. My house is up on the hills of a mountain. No need to mention that I love the snow, skiing and the good company.

Describe your perfect day:

Days off are a luxury for me. A perfect day looks like, going skiing with the whole family or with friends and afterwards a couple of hours of training alone and then spending the rest of the day by the fireplace, drinking a cup of hot chocolate and relaxing with my kids.

Achievements & future projects:

  • More than decade in the first places in the Greek Mountaineering Ski Championship + 13 years in a row a member of the Greek National Team + participation in 7 World Cups & 6 European Cups, always competing against or side by side, to the best in the world.
  • Many participations in Trail Running Races in Greece + podium wins in races varying from 18-25km up to 40-80km
  • Many participations + podium wins, in races of cycling, mountain bike & triathlon
  • Regarding my future projects, what fascinates me and fills me with life and energy is definitely people. The challenges, the adventures and the way to get better. So, to continue doing with the same level of happiness and passion, what I do, in a daily basis, having by my side friends and especially young athletes, with who I share each moment, my love for the sport and of course my knowledge and experiences, is what satisfies me the most. Taking in consideration all of the above and willing to enrich my knowledge, I have also applied and I am studying at the moment in the Mountaineering Ski – Coaching School.
  • In a competitive level, I would like to continue competing, giving single time all my energy and keep enjoying it, keep chasing… perfection (?)
  • Somehow this is how it all began, just doing with a lot of passion, what I love.