Short bio, few words that define you as an athlete and as a person:

My name is Maria Papapostolou. I was born in Metsovo and I live there now.Training has been the most important part of my live for many years. My aim is to do the best I can, to learn from my faults and improve myself, so I overtake my limits and work better to achieve new goals. After one decade of hard muscle and power training, I feel ready to train harder and to combat and take part in trail races. I am not afraid of any weather conditions or demanding training. Every race is both a lesson and a reward for my attempts no matter the result . Improving myself skills gives me motivation.
Attempt, objective,dedication, love, faith, patience, focus, will.

When did you first start your discipline?

On the 12th of August 2021 I run my 1st 15km trail, in a part of 21km Ursa trail. Since then, I gradually, run every day. Running is part of my life.

What do you most enjoy about your sport?

What I like most is that there is always room for growth. You can always go higher, faster and further. The ever changing weather makes the already steep paths even steeper, so every time they come up as an entirely different challenge.
I was born and raised in the mountains so I am truly aware of their extreme difficulties. You must face the mountains with respect, there is no room for carelessness and arrogance. The fiercest beauty of nature comes with great dangers. It gives you strong emotions. More than that actually. It leaves you astonished. You have to be vigilant, it’s being forced to you by all of your senses.
In the mountains I find my true self. I feel joy and I understand that real beauty lies in the simplest of things.

What are your hobbies, profession outside of your sport?

I have decided to join in the family businesses. My family built the first inn in the village, before the second world war. Now ,we have rooms to let, and currently we are rebuilding the old inn in order to become a restaurant. I love my place and I love to share its beauties with the visitors. I like to cook accordingly with my own special athletic needs using local ingredients. Actually, I collect many of those ingredients myself from the mountains. I like to explore new or old forgotten paths by running, on foot, by hike. I take great pleasure into showing other people places that I liked due to their natural esthetic or their history.

Who or what inspires you?

Everyday I feel the call of the mountains.I am inspired by the people who really love what they do. I admire those who set targets and accomplish them through great efforts.
Νιώθω ότι τα ίδια τα βουνά με καλούν καθημερινά.

Describe your perfect day:

I’m trying to do my best every day. A long run with good company in alpine zones, a hard vertical with a break at the top to relish the view, or a long bike ride to explore new places make my perfect day.

Achievements & future projects:

Ursa trail 2022 21km: 2:17:20 5th woman
UTP Starter 23km +1150 2022: 2:50:25 1st woman(course record)
Winter Enipeas 23km +1650m 2022: 3:19:54 5th woman
Meteora Mtr 2023 26km +1300m: 2:48:51 1st woman
Ursa Trail 2023 40km +2800m: 5:10:22 1st woman (course record)
Olympus Marathon 2023 44km +3350m: 6:27:33 1st woman
With just a few months of trail running training I managed to finish Ursa trail 21km, my first ever race, at 2:17 and a rank of fifth in women. After that, I asked Nikolaos Kalofyris to help me with my training. I ran at UTP 23km and got the first place. Then Dirfys trail 15km and Winter Enipeas 23km. For the current year I finished first at MTR 26km and next to that I also finished first at Ursa trail 40km in my village, which was “a dream come true” situation for me, since I thought that I couldn’t even participate in this event some years earlier, and yet I managed the unthinkable. But what I thought was impossible hasn’t stopped there. I got 1st at the 19th Olympus Marathon! So now I believe that with hard work, support, and guidance, someone can surpass his limits and achieve his greatest desires. This way, “dreams come true”. I want to work harder and participate in many more running events in Greece and also abroad. I also wish to try vertical races and eventually to get also to Ultra Marathons! One thing is sure. I will try my best because now more than ever I am craving for more!