Short bio, few words that define you as an athlete and as a person:

I started climbing at the age of 13. Having been a judo athlete for a decade I was excited about this special sport of climbing. I loved it from the start. Through the process of the races and the mountains I learned better the two events I am working on now. The boulder and the difficulty. Nevertheless, I also loved climbing the mountains since I particularly like contact with nature. I would describe myself as stubborn, patient, ambitious, hardworking.

When did you first start your discipline?

In the summer of 2014

What do you most enjoy about your sport?

In my sport, I love the contact with nature, the freedom that every climber feels when he sets foot on the wall, but also the fact that every move you make is to overcome your limits.

What are your hobbies, profession outside of your sport?

Apart from climbing I like running, cycling but it’s hard to combine them all because I’m a student. My character in student life is very similar to that in sports. As in climbing I have high expectations for myself and strive to achieve my goal through hard work

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by all these unreal achievements of climbers. One athlete I always think of when I climb is Janja Garnbret. Her determination is a role model for me

Describe your perfect day:

A perfect day for me would involve climbing a rock field in the morning. Then food and maybe a walk with friends. After some rest, an afternoon more relaxed training session with friends would follow.

Achievements & future projects:

So far the highest rating I have scored on the rocks is 8a+. As no Greek has managed to climb a grade 9a route it is natural that this is an achievement for many as well as for me. However, my immediate goals are to get into the school I want and to climb as much as I can during this time.