Short bio, few words that define you as an athlete and as a person:

My name is Konstantinos Giannopoulos. I got an undergraduate degree in Physics and following that I graduated from the department of IT Engineering of the Technical University of Kastoria Greece. At this stage I am in the process of acquiring my 3rd undergraduate degree titled “Physical Education and Sports Science” from the University of Thessaly, specialised in outdoor activities. Parallel with it, in the past, driven by passion and love for the environment I also attended an MSc course in Paris at the Pierre and Marie Curie University with programme title Physics, Chemistry and Meteorology of the atmosphere. Finally I also got an MSc from the Open University title Catalysis and Protection of the Environment.

As an athlete my main attribute and characteristic is my passion for mountain and wildness, not only when competing as an athlete but also when enjoying my time with friends doing other activities e.g. ski mountaineering, mountain bike, exploring new routes with friends etc. I believe that hard training is the way forward, not only to keep me at a high level as an athlete but as something that also helps me to enjoy demanding mountain routes. Knowledge is power, therefore I am constantly pursuing to share my knowledge and experience. For that purpose I am the founder of a team “Mountain Training Solutions” having as a key focus area the outdoor running and any related to it physical exercise of the individual.

When did you first start your discipline?

My first exposure and involvement with mountain running started 8 years ago back in 2012, after being dragged into it by experienced mountain runners that shared the unique passion about it. Nevertheless, I was privileged to have spend all my childhood in an area full of mountains, something that naturally pushed me and boosted me to spend most of life as a kid in them (rock climbing, hiking, mountain bike).

What do you most enjoy about your sport?

There are lots of things that I really enjoy at my sport starting with the unique feeling’s contrast when I am out there competing. If there was one for me to pick though that would be the views one get when he/she arrives at the top of the summit/mountain/hill and this unique feeling of undeniable fulfilment. This coupled with the feeling of freedom I get as an athlete when getting in contact with nature, compose the most enjoyable duo/combo regarding my sport.

What are your hobbies, profession outside of your sport?

Most of my hobbies are closely linked with sports. Any activity that gets me in close proximity with nature is something I really enjoy, thus my main hobbies are ski mountaineering, road and mountain bike. As a day to day job I am a Physics teacher at a high school.

Who or what inspires you?

What mainly inspires me and what drives me to become better is the development of the my team and team members. The constant interaction with my friends and team members when spending time out in the nature.

Describe your perfect day:

The way I have pictured the perfect day in my mind, this includes a day in one of the big mountains of the country e.g. Olympus mountain with my friends, enjoying the routes and views and aiming for ascending to as many summit tops as possible

Achievements & future projects:


    • 3η place of Greek Skyrunning Series 2017
    • 1η place in the race of Ultra Ursa Trail 100km 2019 (Race records)
    • 4η place in the race of Zagori Mountain Running TERA 80 km 2019
    • 1η place in the race of Lost Trail 57km 2019 (Race records)

Future projects:

    • Crossing of North Pindus by bike and skis
    • Participation at Transalp Race
    • Participation at Ohrid Ultra Trail 2020