Rope design is a technical challenge. Edelweiss proposes climbing ropes for every ambition. Skills and experience are not something to sleep on, Edelweiss works and learns every day to be better. Edelweiss achieves this thanks to an internal development and a know-how that goes from design to production.

Edelweiss has always accompanied the alpinism and sport climbing pioneers by proposing climbing ropes adapted to their ambitions. For high level exploit, simply pleasure or safety at work Edelweiss continues today to be present alongside athletes and operators of modern vertical activities; for this purpose Edelweiss has developed a wide product range. With this long experience, punctuated by constant innovation and quality research, Edelweiss is a key player in the vertical world. Their goal remains to connect you to life. All this history and craft comes together in order to bring you the best climbing experience and sensations. A comfortable rope to rely on and climb in full confidence is not only a precious ally for a successful day. It will enhance your feelings and help you enjoy more of that experience when each move is exactly connected to nature.