The Baliotis Nature Trail was started in 2015 by the athlete of Dynafit Greece, Stavros Baliotis. With the encouragement of friends, to create something fresh, modern and perhaps different for the Greek data, Stavros Baliotis, a TEFAA graduate and gymnast by profession, created the team, which may specialize in mountain running, but there are many athletes , who deal with road running and ultras.

“The mountain trains you in many ways. Up there, your aerobic function alone does not matter, it is not enough to be fast or just strong. You need a combination of things. Let us not forget, after all, the unpredictable factor! The terrain, the altitude, the weather, the path, the food supply, the season … There are so many that play a role when you go to run in the mountains “.

At Baliotis Nature Trail the programs are individualized according to the obligations and the daily life of everyone. “No one can change your life to run and you will not be pressured that way.” Running should not be an obligation or a task! The ultimate goal is exercise, something that entertains the person but also helps his health!

“I believe that everyone should learn to work as a team and exercise as a team. It is very important! This way he will have balance in his exercise. It avoids exaggerations and certainly avoids overwork and mistakes that lead to painful injuries. It improves its performance and achieves its goals faster “.

For more information or questions, one can easily contact the team pages on facebook & Instagram or directly by email at