The story of 4S is a family affair, today the third generation of Klaoudatos family has joined forces and built a wholesale distribution to offer the best and most relevant products in the Greek market.
Our mission is to promote not just brands but a lifestyle. We represent iconic brands with innovative and qualitative products which are recognized and tested by our athletes and offered through our experienced network of resellers.
Our vision is to establish lasting relationships with both our suppliers and our resellers, and to distribute high quality products to satisfy all our customers, from the occasional enthusiast to the experienced and specialized expert.
Our goal is to become the leading distributor in the Greek market of outdoor, sports and active lifestyle brands offering the best quality and service.
You will find on our site information on the products we distribute, the list of our resellers to find the store closest to you, the events in which we participate, our sponsored athletes and our partners.
Our team is at your disposal to help you make the right choices. Everything you are looking for in a single distributor: technicality, variety, and service.
At 4S Distribution we are not just a wholesale company. We have a commitment to offer purpose led products and promote active lifestyle.