EMAK are special and decentralized services of the Fire Brigade. In total there are eight. The eighth is based in Larissa and is responsible for the region of Thessaly. The following Special Groups operate in each EMAK:

  • Underwater Rescue Team (UDC)
  • Mountaineering Search-Rescue Team (OED)
  • Canine Search and Rescue Team (K.O.E.D)
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Threats and Technological
  • Accidents Response Team (HVRP & TA)

The 8th EMAK due to the large mountain range of its area of ​​responsibility such as Olympus, Kissavos, Pelion, Othris, Koziakas, Triggia, Meteora, etc. with their variety in climbing fields, gorges, alpine altitudes, has given great importance to the organization of the mountaineering rescue search team, with technical training that includes the full training course in mountaineering, climbing, skiing, canyoning, speleology and rushing height rescue (rope access).